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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  September 18, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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robin gardener has been missing six weeks in aruba. authorities are hoping a reenactment of the activities she was doing when she went missing will offer clues about her whereabouts. one year-ago joey was hit private label killed by -- hit and killed by a car. how a community is remembering he is life. tonight we start with the latest from aruba. police are
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stepping up the investigation of robin gartner. it is a reenactment of events the day she went missing. >> reporter: it has been more than six weeks since robin gartner disappeared from an aruban beach. investigators spent that time trying to figure out what happened to her. tomorrow they'll create her last moments. this isolated beach is the last place robin gardener was seen alive. tomorrow aruban authorities are set to return to the scene of the crime. they are staging a reenactsment six weeks after her disappearance. >> the whole key is to go back and understand and be clear about the movements of people prior to a criminal act occurring. >> reporter: according to good morning america two eyewitnesses will be part of the reenactment, which investigators are using to retrace the exact moments of gardener.
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he is the one person some believe knows what happened on august 2nd. he won't be there. multiple sources on the island say he was asked to cooperate but refused. the maryland man claimed a strong current pulled her out to sea while the pair were snorkling. >> it may give them a better understanding. it may also give them a better view of inconsistencies in his story. >> reporter: he's seen in this surveillance video traveling with gardener to aruba on july 31st. 3 days later they drove to this beach restaurant where a server who snapped these pictures told investigators his behavior seemed suspicious. two hours later he reappeared on the security cameras banging on the doors of the closed restaurant trying to get help. he has insisted he is innocent but he is not taking any chances with his defense. he recently hired jose baez,
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the man who won the casey anthony case. >> thank you very much. a brooklyn park man was severely burned in an explosion at his home. fire investigators say gas in the basement of the home in the 100 block of franklin avenue exploded last night. the 41-year-old man is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the cause of the explosion is being investigated tonight. tonight a woman is recovering after being shot. it happened around 6 3:00 last night in west baltimore. a woman was shot in her arm. she is in stable condition. police have no suspects in the shooting. one year-ago a boston high school freshman was hit and killed by a car. this weekend the community came out in big numbers to remember the life of joey. cheryl o'conner takes us to the
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memorial service. >> reporter: he lived 14 years. his life touched so many people who gathered saturday night to mark one year since he died. >> it is a life to other people. but he touched every one. >> reporter: the memory drew a crowd that humbles his family. he was known to make friends with anyone. that's the spirit they celebrated. he was crossing over route 24 in belair when he was hit by a car. his family filled his piano room with loving words. some of his classmates will benefit from a scholarship foundation his dad created. the goal is to raise $100,000 by the year 2014. the year he would have graduated. >> he always had the right things to say.
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>> reporter: a talented singer, now the songs he wrote are words to comfort to this community so moved by one young life. cheryl o'conner abc 2 news. today wasn't so bad. we had sunshine out there. definitely better than yesterday. that's where we got showers across the area. today the radar definitely dry. change is on the way. as we check out maryland's radar, we have all kinds of sweeps on. we'll stay on the dry side through the rest of the evening. right now temperatures on the cooler side york 65 degrees. frederick 66. 65 hagerstown. upper 60s in annapolis. inner harbor 70 degrees. as we go through the rest of this evening temperatures will be in the 60s. variable cloudy skies. we'll have a northeast breeze 5 to 10 miles per hour. lots to talk about. whether we'll get rain or
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sunshine the rest of the week. >> thank you very much. eleanor mondale lost her battle with brain cancer yesterday. the radio personalty had been battling cancer since 2005. her parents released a statement saying their wonderful daughter, and her long battle against cancer, went up to heaven last night to be with her angel. in addition to her parents, she is survived by her brothers ted and william h. mondale. tonight the kennedy family mourning the death of the oldst child of the former senator ted kennedy. she has been battling lung cancer and underwent surgery several years ago. she died friday after collapsing at a washington area health club. no official cause of her death has been released. her brother says kara's heart just gave out after her grueling cancer treatment.
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he said she was very, very weak. she was 51 years old. is the white house a hostile work environment for women? the shocking claims in a new book. ntsb investigators are take a closer look at air safety after two deadly crashes in two days. local folks, including our own wyatt hitting the pool for a good cause. we'll take you to swim across america coming up. it is chilly to be swimming today. temperature made it to 70 degrees. we should be around 77. as we go through the remainer of the forecast we have rain in the air and temperatures trying to move up. the first day of fall is around the corner. that's coming up after the break.
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president obama's white house was according to the new book. he claims it was not a pleasant place for women. quote, this place would be in court for a hostile work place. is how former communications director anita dunn is quoted. christina rover said i felt like a piece of meat. both women told the "washington post" the author got it wrong. dunn said she told him point blank that the white house was not a hostile environment. romer on feeling like a piece of meat said quote, i felt respected by the team. early in the administration as the president played golf and
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basketball with only men, many seen that as a sign that the white house was a boy's club. when asked if the white house was or is still a hostile work environment, a woman staffer told abc news quote, it is not my experience. if it had been i would not have been here as long as i have been. even journalists believe the account is quote, exaggerated. >> i'm sure we'll be hearing more about the book coming up. temperature coming in at 66
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degrees. humidity 63%. winds east 6 miles-per-hour. that's what we'll deal with for the next couple of days. the wind to the east and northeast earlier into baltimore, check out the cloud cover across the area. you can see a few peaks of sunshine moving in here. maryland's radar is dry. it will be dry overnight. it is going to be quiet. as we go through tuesday, that's when we'll see a change in the forecast. we'll have another day tomorrow on the dry side. highs today came in at 69 degrees in baltimore. 68 d.c. frederick 72. temperatures well below where we should be this time of year. we should be around 77. forecast for tomorrow, lock horn 69 degrees. similar to what we got today. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies. we'll get the sun cloud mix.
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i believe through the afternoon we'll get more cloud cover out there. more the same in green haven with the temperature coming in around 70 degrees. satellite and radar not picking up on a lot in terms of the precipitation. you can see most of it is south of us and back off towards the west. mainly we have clouds trying to stream in across the area as we go into the evening. you can see the wet weather back towards the west. this system is inching closer and closer to us as we go through the next couple of days. tomorrow should be mainly dry. by tuesday that's when we'll get the rain in the forecast. off and on through the next several days, high pressure still trying to influence our weather. it will continue to do so into tomorrow. if you have things you want to do outdoors, the rest of the evening is a good time to do it. and also through tomorrow. we should stay dry. wet weather will work in here overnight into tomorrow. you can see things still
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looking good and dry outside. as we work into the overnight on tuesday morning, we can see that we'll see more rain trying to work into the picture. your commute on tuesday would be on the wet side. definitely take it easy as you go out and about. the seven-day forecast not so pretty. we have the chance for rain in the forecast. things will be more of the same into wednesday. thursday and friday, the seven- day forecast is coming up. as we go through the overnight temperature 50 degrees. mostly cloudy. we could get more humidity in here. still more of the same. 70 degrees tomorrow. partly sunny. temperatures below normal. tomorrow night the temperature around 60 degrees. slight chance of showers overnight. here's your seven-day forecast. it is definitely not the best. we will be cool again tomorrow. that humidity will definitely start to move back into the picture. we are going to be seeing showers in the forecast. then we have fall beginning
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friday. showers just day after day after day. luckily right now it looks like next weekend will be good. run off in the bay may have changed the site but it didn't stand in the way for baltimore's second annual swim across america. 200 swimmers took part in the one-mile swim this morning to raise money for cancer prevention and treatment research. organizers say the turnout was great. all the money goes to a great cause. >> all the money we raised today, which we think will be over half a million dollars, the swim goes to the swim across american lab at the cancer center at hopkins. >> among the swimmers is wyatt (everí) hart. they appreciated they were able
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to swim at the aquatic center. the water was cloudy in the bay. they were happy to be swimming inside a pool even though it was 32 laps inside a pool. this is something you won't be happy about. matt hasselbeck through for 358- yards and a touchdown and gave the tennessee titans new coach a big win in their home opener by beating the baltimore ravens 26-13. they sacked flacco three times and forced three turnovers including two interceptions. it was a painful game to watch. coming up next, two deadly plane crashes in two days. we'll tell you how these crashes are raising questions about the safety of air shows. a disney hit is making a come back. a look at the box office this weekend. [ waves crashing ]
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ntsb investigators spent the day hoping to determine what caused a plane to hurdle towards the ground and crash spearing debris into a crowd of onlookers leaving death everywhere. hampering the investigation is the sheer violence of the impact and the number of shattered pieces of the plane left behind. >> reporter: it will take days and months to heal from the horror of friday's air show crash in reno. >> he came over us. i could see the plane and wings and propeller come straight towards us. when he hit what i saw was a wall of debris and stuff. >> reporter: ntsb investigators
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hope to have answers sooner. but with the debris spread over an acre there is no left of the ghost. the plane that killed veteran racer and eight onlookers at the time of the impact leaving a crater three foot deep and eight feet across. area hospitals were jammed with patients, scores critically injured with head wounds, facial trauma and limb injuries. accidents at these high flying spectacles raise questions about safety. in west virginia hours after the reno incident another air show crash. the pilot was killed. spectators were spared. fans and pilots know the risk. what makes these shows appealing is there are no barriers just opened sky giving the public a front row seat to the fastest motor sport in the world. >> it is safer than driving on the long island expressway in the summer time. >> reporter: before this
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incident there hasn't been a spectator fatality since the 1950's. it is 1994 all over again. the lion king was rereleased in 3-d. find out how the disney hit did at the box office this time. we'll have the winners and losers coming up. [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk.
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but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromise on taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. the lion king is falling in love all over again. the hit was rereleased in weekend in 3-d. it took the top spot. the original came out and made $40 million. that was 17 years ago. last week's number one movie made $14.5. in third place over $11
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million. i don't understand why lion king is out again. we have it at home. >> seeing it on broadway was enough for me. >> i guess in 3-d they can charge more to see it again. we saw the sunshine today. as we go through tomorrow we'll get a sun cloud mix. it will be similar today. we'll see more cloud cover into tomorrow. as we check out the temperature it will be coming in at 70 degrees. tuesday, that's when the rain moves in the picture. it will stick around wednesday, thursday and friday. good news is that it is not going all day. it will be off and on through the next several days. fall begins. you can feel the crispness outside. next weekend looks good. that's it for us.
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we'll be back tonight at 11:00. thank you for joining us. have a good evening.
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